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Customer Care

Whether you have a suggestion, compliment or complaint, we’d like to hear from you. Red Alert is committed to service excellence, and your feedback is important to us.

Leaders in Cleaning and Security

All Red Alert staff and management are dedicated to building long term relationships through consistent customer satisfaction.

At Red Alert we believe in making a commitment to service excellence. Our innovative customer care training and professional management approach help build a skilled workforce committed to the service ethos of the company. Red Alert customers are guaranteed a custom-made package that not only meets their immediate needs, but also has the foresight to see them safely into the future.

Red Alert’s Mission:

  • Red Alert is a service driven company which proactively seeks out the service needs of the outsourcing market.
  • We provide skilled, loyal personnel who are focused on customer satisfaction and building long term relationships.
  • We concentrate on our cleaning and security services and target mutually beneficial growth opportunities where we can add value by being the preferred provider of non-core services.